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We treat your aircraft as our own, and take a tremendous amount of pride in our work. Each aircraft has its own story - just like each pilot!

New, used, new to you…whatever it is, buying an aircraft should be fun and enjoyable! We're not about the price tag, we're about your mission, your passion and your goals.

We can't always see the future, but we're ready for anything it brings! Our trusted network of industry friends ensures that if we can't find a solution, someone else can.


SureFly is a FAA certified electronic (solid state) magneto replacement.
Dynon HDX installer near me. Dynon Skyview installer. Skyview HDX.Dynon avionics systems for experimental and certified aircraft.
The most advanced, reliable and easy-to-install electrical system for experimental and light-sport aircraft.  With over 10 years in the air, Vertical Power makes your building and flying experience easier, safer and better.
Avidyne avionics systems for experimental and certified aircraft. GPS, Nav/Comm systems, PFD, MFD, transponders, ADSBand more.
JP Instruments is the leader in aircraft data management systems.

(And More!)

With over 100,000 fuel sensors in service, our digital senders exceed 90,000 hours mean time to failure (MTTF) - making our fuel senders one of the most reliable aviation systems in existence.
Aspen MAX. Aspen 2500, Aspen 2000, Aspen 1000.Aspen Avionics PFD, MFD solutins.
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