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About Us

We are on the East side of 1/19 at M54, in the old FBO building...and we do mean was built in 1969, the same year Volar's owner was born. He learned to fly there, out of that same building and it is just...a part of who he is these days. 

William Presler is Volar's owner and general creator of mischief. Mike Bell, an Inspection Authorized A&P Mechanic who knows his way around most things with wings, is our Director of Maintenance both for Volar and Class Bravo Air. Todd Nielson who comes from an extensive Avionics install and electrical world is our Director of Avionics. Both Mike and Todd are Army vets, great guys and the core of our team. Jamie Shadwick is our newest avionics genius, fresh out of the Marines. Landon Maples designs and builds all of our panels in house for us when he isn't too busy flying for Delta or heading up our sister company Class Bravo Air. Matt Johns does QA work for us and is helping us get our Part 145 Service Center approvals--which we are excited about. Toby is, well, Toby is a dog.


We also are the home to the world's only 2/3 scale P-38 Lightening. It's a long story...and a few friends and family blended all in for good measure. 

Oh and means "to fly" in Spanish.  

Toby at Volar Avionics
Jamie at Volar Avionics Installer Near Me
Mike at Volar Avionics
Matt at Volar Quality Avionics Installations
World's Only Two Thirds Scale P-38 Lightening
Todd at Volar Avionics Shop
Landon at Volar Custom Panels
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