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And now things come together at the hanger...

After building major components at their home, Jim transported them to the hanger at KSJT. The photos below represent a good cross section of the work, but will likely have some dates out of order I'm afraid. Note that Jim originally planned to use automotive engines on the Two Thirds P-38, but then decided on Tigre engines. I believe the link to learn about them is available here :


Finding the Tigres' performance lacking on this particular aircraft, he then switched to TSIO-360-RB engines--one left and one right rotating. He originally placed these Continentals on with an inward counter rotation. Interesting tidbit, only the prototype XP-38 aircraft had inward rotating props...and much like Lockheed, Jim decided there was too much buffeting of the tail booms and decided to switch the engine placement in order to have them rotate outwards. That's sort of where I came into the story...which you can see in another section. 

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